Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alonetime : Solitude

We often mistake Solitude as a Negative aspect.
The dictionary too is wrong, it says solitude is lonely.
Solitude is not lonely its 'alonetime'.
Alonetime is what helps to learn who we are. To function at our peak, we need to know ourselves, and alonetime provides time for self-examination.

The degree of solitude we each require is partly inborn and partly learned. People who are more introverted will feel a greater need for solitude than those who are extroverted. But from a very early age, we all need at least some alonetime.

A perfect alonetime is in the womb, but it's unfortunate that we're too young to appreciate it. Once we're born into this world, we get surrounded. We loose our solitude.

Dear Blogreader, find time for Alonetime, a time you ones experienced in the womb.


NeiLDC said...

Hi passerby! thanks for dropping by the blog of mine, i really appreciate the comments that you post..

above the solitude, yeah sometimes we are to be alone to learn who we are, but sometimes we are confused of the SOLITUDE and alone coz we felt depressive if we are alone.. yet we tend to strive to be happy and smile all the day!

btw ill link you on my web ok..

PRADEEP K. said...

Loved this post!
A perfect alonetime is in the womb - Marvellous!
Thank you!

passerby55 said...

@armstrong & pradeep:

I feel encouraged, appreciated ...
thankyou ...

GrasshopperBoy said...

nice to see the comments up on ur blog.
i don't like alonetime much; i'd rather be scrutinized by my frnds :D

passerby55 said...

@GHB yes we all want friends around us, but alone time is not being away from friends, it means going closer to Self.