Wednesday, March 22, 2006

should i or should i not!

The mind,
What shall we call it?
It is the sound of the breeze
That blows through the pines
In the Indian-ink pictures

What is in your mind, sometimes is difficult to put in words.

Dear Blogreader one way is:
Make it up and find a way to experience it!


PRADEEP K. said...

Beautiful words!

You are so right. It is rather difficult to express certain things. I have personally found that words are not adequate to express/transmit certain thoughts and emotions.

They need to be experienced. Experience is the perfect communication.

passerby55 said...


Your comments never fail to encourage, but this comment has broadened one's mind. Thankyou very much.

chocoboy107 said...

hye,my mind is stuck up here,nthg to comment abut it jus,well wriitten abut wat we never imagine,but imagine,coz of it.wat u say ??