Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Wishes ...

I wish all my friends "the Brightest Deepavali and A Prosperous New Year".


I wish to take a break.
I shall be back soon.
Take good care of yourselves.

Monday, October 02, 2006

ok, I am weird ... but in a good sense .

While I was working on this post, I met Jack. Jack is my online friend. This conversation(chat) is between Jill(passerby) and Jack .. .. .. please read on.

Jack : Hola! how are u?
Jill : hi there. I am fine , thanku

Jack : so what’s up buddy
Jill : just a little busy, with my blog. I am tagged by two good blogmates srijith and neers.They both have asked me to list six weird things about me.

Jack : Oh ! I remember you tell me that you blog.
how is it going?
Jill : I seem to find nothing weird in me right now. can you help me find something weird about ...

JACk : Me?
Jill : ya, its better to know from your frds. They are the ones who know you better.

Jack : you are right there, but I never find anything weird in you, if you were weird why would you be on my frnd/list
Jill : may be weird in some good sense, did you observe anything weird but good about me.

Jack : let me think, oh ya do you remember, at one time I told you that you jump topics.
JiLL : jump in wht sense?

Jack : jump, like A Monkey , but in all good sense. We can then exchange a talk on variety of subjects you see.
Jill : (thinking in her mind) I am a monkey. (Wants to ask Jack to Pack and leave her alone).

Jack : yes, Jill one good weirdness about you is that you talk a lot.
Jill : you mean talkative in good sense

Jack : yes, I often wonder how can you talk so much?
Jill : you mean to say I talk non stop and that I should try to shutup!

Jack : hey, you jump to conclusions very fast , this is weird in you.
{Jill : thinking to herself..he could not count a single weird ness in me and now the whole of me seems weird ….JAck is so weird}...

Jack : I hope I am helping you find weird things in good sense.

Jill : {( in her mind) yes you have helped enuff}
Jill : Jack thanku, you helped me with this difficult tag.

Jack : my pleasure, Jill

Jack : bye, got to hurry now. I have a meeting to attend.
Jill : byebye ,, see ya soon.
( I wonder did Jill come tumbling after or did Jack push her).

So I am talkative, I rush through topics , and I jump to conclusion, but all in a good sense ... *smiles*… Let me quickly push (pass I mean) this tag to a few here …

ajay, wild reeds, contended, Seriously_frivolous, alapana, random thoughts please take up this tag, if you have not done it before.