Thursday, March 16, 2006

meeeow // bowwow

We have dog lovers, then we have cat lovers; and people who are inbetween:they love both.

I shall call CL for Cat lovers,DL for dog lovers BL for the inbetweens.

CL: I prefer the cat,dogs want to kill cats thats evil.
DL: Don't your cats kill mice?? is that holy

BL: I have both. 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love all of them but I think it depends on the animal's personality.

CL: dogs misbehave more than cats. They always ruin the rug and the mat.
DL: Cats are trouble-makers. they mess with neighbors' rubbish cans.

BL: hey, stop fighting, CL buy a dog and DL buy a cat, and find out which makes a better pet?

CL: No way! i am buying another cat
DL: me another Dog....
CL: dogs need all
DL: Cats want all

BL: Mine don't. I need,I want them


Ajay said...

Cool Post
And cool pic too
I love both cats n dogs
both make gud pets

GrasshopperBoy said...

i had one heard this story...

one time an elderly dog owner died in his apartment. his dog which was also trapped in the apartment mourned him for days and stopped eating food...and finally died himself from the sheer grief.

a similar thing happened with an elderly cat owner lady but instead of mourning her, the cat ate her up.

dunno how true this story is but it freaked me u can imagine which is my choice for a pet.

GrasshopperBoy said...

forgot to mention...come on over to my blog...i've added a cute little puppy on the sidebar. :)

passerby55 said...

@ ajay glad to read that you are BL....u need u want them!...thanks for visiting this place...
you are always welcome.

@GHB was shocked to hear that story.....thanks for sharing it.

i loved that puppy. I experimented colouring it in all colours available there. The one u painted is the best...a blue puppy..

You surely know what is best for your pets.

Ajay said...

had been to my cousins place. They've got a new puppy. Its a lasa afso or something like that. cute furry ball of fun. It is more like a rabbit. and itis tireless. It plays and plays. and licks your fingertips. funndy dog. and guess what it has befriended a kitten . let us say she bosses over it. she bosses around the house and he follows her. Funny! she commands respect and paws him if he does not listen.
Itmakes us laugh and wonder
Now who's the Boss ?

passerby55 said...

The Boss is always right!

a cute kitten and a smart puppy
Its funtime .....

who's the boss......who cares!!
let good times roll on