Friday, March 31, 2006


"Every time I swept the floor, I found spent match sticks in various corners, and close to each of these sticks would lie a dead insect. I looked closely. I saw that the insect had been killed first and then scorched.
Finding seared dead bodies, in different corners of my sweet home, left me confused."

Then one fine evening it all revealed..

An insect flew through the window, of my son's study room. His final examinations were on; so naturally he was very much at his desk studying hard. No sooner, he saw this handsome insect. He ran in the direction of the kitchen closet.

I was reading the morning newspaper. It was five thirty, in the evening.

I see my son rush, get the insect repellent and now ready to kill this handsome insect.

Me: why do you need to kill it.
He: It may bite
Me: Stop, that spray, that odour, gives me a headache.
He : …sppprrraayinggg…….ah! dead.

Then, back to the kitchen gets a match box, goes into his room and takes the dead insect to a corner.

Me: "Why do you need the match box? What are you upto?"

Without giving me a look, “It needs a decent burial".

Dear Blogreader:
This incident is a year old...
I shared it.


Wild Reeds said...


Ajay said...

haha. that was fun
I used to throw them in the garden where there was a chance of their returning to mother earth.
very good post.

passerby55 said...

@wild reeds

thank you

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thanks for enjoying it.

NeiLDC said...

You know the story of little match girl, hope it will end up happy.
smile and have fun!