Saturday, March 25, 2006

wake _me _up

You are lucky, if a rooster lives near you, you have a built-in waker-upper. A non-alarming way to awaken.

The alarm clock is a form of violence. When a clanging alarm clock goes off , don't we feel like throwing it out the window and shoot it with a rifle.
Alarms are connected with danger: burglary, fire, air raid. They contribute to the part of fear. Why should one wake-up by inducing fear?.

The alarm shocks me out of the dream state and into my rational mind. My dreams simply don’t have a chance to catch up. They are shaken and then they vanish. It is a crude and rude way of wake-up-call.

It is believed that the soul travels when we are asleep. Thus, it is very important that the sleeper is brought gently to wakefulness so that his or her soul might find its way back. Of course, people awakened do not die. But something gets lost when we are awakened sharply and suddenly. It is our dream consciousness that loses its way back to the waking state.

A rooster, the hugs of a toddler or nuzzling of a dog are preferable to electronic buzzing to welcome my day!


Ajay said...

hey never thought abt this.
i never rise earlier than my parents and i am a deep sleeper. so sometimes i get woken by mom , who is kind enough to allow me repeated 5 minute dozing untill i finally wake up,
or am woken up by dad, who will shout the house down if i sleep late
atleast u can ignore the alarm clocks
this is not the case with humans is it?

passerby55 said...

@ajay .... eh man! yes ignore
lol..this button i hardly hit on.

GrasshopperBoy said...

when i get up every morning, i have to find my alarm clock coz in the heat of the moment i usually swing it away somewhere. :P

passerby55 said...

that reminds me GHB, i never spotted an alarm clock on your roomshelf!... i wonder where u had swung it away that day!