Thursday, June 29, 2006

Did you hear it ?

A big HELLO to all my blogreaders.
I was away, but am back now

One message I received in my absence which read as :

Hi! pass_erby, where are you? have you pass_edaway!! ... LOL

My lovely readers I did miss visiting your blogs and I missed commenting on your posts!

Did you hear it?

A raindrop fell down
All the way from the heaven's clouds
To the cold, hard earth below,
Leaving a splatter on a rock.
Did you hear it?

A leaf fell from a tall, strong oak,
Bumping into twigs and branches,
Rocked gently by the breezes,
Then lighting on the blades of grass.
Did you hear it?

The wind tossed a tumbleweed
Across the desert,Over rocks,
Between passing cars, unscathed.
Did you hear it?

Cat paws walk with careful stealth
Across the yard
While sparrow lifts itself from an egg-filled nest
To save itself.
Did you hear it?

An eye twinkles in a weary face
Releasing a tear
To trail down a cheek, over quivering lip,
To fall on a breaking heart.
Did you hear it?
by Barbara ...


NeiLDC said...

welcome back! where did you go really. miss you out here at the bloggersworld!

starry nights said...

welcome back. Silence is golden, many things are heard.

Usha said...

May have missed hearing some of them while being caught up in meaningless struggles. Thanks for reminding. Will stop to hear them.
Welcome back.

mizfit said...

that was a beutiful poem...i can feel my soul stir. or it cud be my stomach grumbling cooz it's empty! ;P

nice 2 have ya back...take care!

Prash said...

Missed your comments and missed your post too...simple - missed your presence!

Did you hear it ? the noise in my head ? does it bother you ?

Nice poem!

passerby55 said...

Hi Neil,

I was out of town, actually out of net.

thankyou...i have missed all the colours, pictures music ...on your blog!


HI Starry,

sorry missed wishing you on your birthday...

silence is golden! and it does speak volumes


Hi Usha,

"Meaningless struggles"... so very right ... u always know the right... I am proud of you!

Thanks for being here with me.


Hi My fair lady!

lol...i love that soul of yours which gets satisfied with a good hearty meal ...

I don't remember reading any post from you mentioning your diet. Are you a NON/veggie or plain Veggie?


Hi Prash!

thankyou ... that is very kind of you

Prash,it suddenly struck me that the answer to your unanswered question lie with the mother(who smiled) and her teenage daughter ... I amsure they know it all!!*smiles*

Had she fallen instead of the oldie goldie ... she and her teenage daughter would have thanked you!! (just kidding)*cheers*


Prash said...

Oh yes, I think the 'mother' understood...which I didn't realize. She gave me a look and I thought she is very strange...and later, when my friend said that it is looked logical. But still, I am not sure if the old lady was racist.

desperado said...

beautiful words

passerby55 said...

Hi desperado!

welcome to my blogworld