Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It rained yesterday, and the weather changed. It was a pleasant morning and I got out of my block to feel the fresh breeze.

I walked down a tiled pathway . The hedge along the pathway was freshly pruned. The cool breeze cleared my cluttered mind, and then something wonderful and colorful caught my sight. I looked around, and picked it up. I slipped it into my pocket, and moved on my path.

I was happy to find so beautiful , shinny and colorful Blue Marble. The sight of a Marble are like happy thoughts. The last I hold such was many years ago. When Bahi(Big Bro) agreed in advance that we were playing 'for fair' (all marbles are returned to the owner).

Then I lost contact with it for the rest of the day. Late in the evening, I was helping my son with the history of Ancient Heritage of India. The chapter ran into sixty five pages, quiet a volume for him to hold interest. Around eleven thirty he left the study for his bed.

I continued, to read ...

A tinkling sound made me lift my head. I saw the saucer placed on the glass of water moved to make it. The ceiling fan was off, the windows were shut. I puzzled. I closed the book and reached to switch off the light. ..

And there on the book shelf , my eyes caught the sight of the reflecting Blue Marble, and the colours inside were spinning around, making it look so nice ...


Priya_Satarkar said...

Seems that marble made you drift into the lovely memories of the past.. It happens many a times that some things though however small bring along big memories.

Rose said...


Hold onto ur happy thoughts.. :)

Thanks for passing by my blog.. Luvd the comment u made.. It was like u stole the words right out of my heart..



passerby55 said...

hi Priya.

Drifitng into lovely thoughts even if they have been past memories is good...i agree.

thankyou for being an encouragement. It will be one sweet memory some years down the lane!


Hi Rose,

That post on your blog could make any heart speak!....

"Hold onto ur happy thoughts.. :)"

I will ALWAYS...thankyou


Ajay said...

oh wow marbles ! soo nice
i loved marbles
i used to play some brainvisa or some such game of marbles. i had green ones though :)
my favourite one was not round but oval :)

Usha said...

Ya how much joy is packed inside the little ball of glass - I love looking through it - actually impossible but love to look at all those colours inside. I remember exchanging marbles for matchbox labels too - forget the exchange rate now. And how I waited for monday mornings to take them to school and show them off the new acquisitions over the weekend.
OH how easily satisfied we were!

passerby55 said...

Hi ajay,

oval ones, i never had any!
i wonder how they play woth oval ones.....will have to fine out..

Hi Usha,
"OH how easily satisfied we were!"
you read a post so well, i like the way you reach to the soul of everything...need to learn from you