Thursday, June 08, 2006


"SAY Cheese" it always leaves people smiling!

It was almost time for school to dismiss and a mother noticed it looked like rain. So she drove toward school to pick up her eight-year-old daughter.

She turned down the street to see her daughter running toward her down the sidewalk. A lightning bolt flashed and the little girl looked up towards the sky, smiled and then began running toward her mother's van.

Another lightning bolt flashed and again the little girl looked towards the sky, smiled and resumed running. This happened several more times until the little girl finally arrived at where her mother was parked.

Her mom immediately inquired as to the strange behavior. "Why did you keep stopping and smiling at the sky?" she asked her daughter.

"I had to, Mommy. God was taking my picture."


starry nights said...

Beautiful post, brought a smile.

Rose said...

That was so incredible!! Funny we hve lotz to learn frm tiny tots abt life..



mizfit said...

he he he! i've read smthing similar to this b'fore. never fails to touch hearts, this one!

NeiLDC said...

Nice, its good that kids around have a wondeful memories and joyous laughter!

Ajay said...

haha amazing
it is simply amazing :)
god taking snaps :)
innocence at its best :)

Usha said...

hehehe. Brought a wide grin to my face to see this girl's image of the situation!

Prash said...


That's the only word I have to say for this post. Nothing more or nothing less.

Prash said...

@ the comments you made in my blog,

Why only men come to help women? well it is also taught to men that it is good manners to help carrying a heavy bag or support her when she falls down...when men don't do it...people call us 'bad man' or 'bad education' or 'cheap'...But there are men (like me ofcourse *smile*) who do help people from heart.

Your theory of men helping women and women helping women doesn't convince me much. sorry .

Ok lady, I shall try 'over-hearing' next time. As Eve's dropping is bad. btw, why is it always EVE ...why is that she is the culprit. I have to anaylse this and write an article on it.

passerby55 said...

Starry nights, Rose, Mizfit, Neil.dc, Ajay. Usha, Prash

::taking picture::
All Say cheese

Click Click ...

thankyou very much

Prash said...

Questions :

1. Where are you located ?

2. Do you like 'cheese' ?

Just out of curiosity...You don't have to answer this question if you don't feel like.


wasted said...

awwwwww hats a cute one, it does make u smile

passerby55 said...

Hi Prash!

Your profile says you are a teacher... all teachers like to ask questions!

i do like cheese

cheers to you too!

bye ... take care


HI SOlan,

Welcome to my blogworld.

You just missed the group photo i clicked here...

yaa....keep smiling!!

Bye and take care....

Prash said...

Untill you knock it, the door won't be open - Jesus said. Until you ask the questions, you won't get the answers.

Questions should be asked....otherwise how do we get the answers euh ?

I don't like the blue cheese. Otherwise rest of them are ok for me. I adore the goat cheese.