Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The best gift I ever had: My father

Words from my heart
.... for my loving dad

I will never know the innumerable times you held me high, to make me gaze into the wonderful sky; to see the twinkle in my eye.
I will never know the innumerable times,
your hands pray that I be born as your daughter
I will never know the innumerable times, you made me call ' Father'

I see your hands when you raise to bid me goodbye, how tired are they for raising me up.
You cherished me in my darkest moments and your tired hands comforted me
This place in my heart loves you, and I am proud to hear you say ...

"My daughter call me, My Father“…


Srijith Unni said...

Nice Write Up!!

Father`s Day, post, I guess..

With Regards,

wasted said...

hey thats sweet

NeiLDC said...

Happy Fathers day to DADS in the world. They are Wonderful gift for Us!

starry nights said...

Happy fathers day to your dad.

Ajay said...

aaaawwwww. so sweet of u
still a papa's girl arent you :)

mizfit said...

::sob, sob:: i want my DADDY, RIGHT NOW!! ::runs bawling::

lovely post ... :')

Wild Reeds said...

Beautiful. :-) @Mizfit

passerby55 said...

HI srijith!

daddy is special "ALways"

thankyou ... tc
Hi solan!

yes, dad's love and care is much sweeter!


Hi Neil!

"daddy" the word itself is a wonderful gift


Hi Starry ...

hey thankyou ... this post must have bought back many sweet memories...hope you cherished them

tc... count on me as your friend!

hi Ajay!

i remember that awesum post by you on Father on your blog

wait till u get a daughter to understand why they are special and why PAPA always remains a Hero for daughters...


Hi Mizfit

mollu stop crying i am here only!

Hi Wild reeds

the relationship between a dad and his daughter is indeed beautiful!

I will never know why is it so, somethings never change




L>T said...

That's sweet.

Priya_Satarkar said...

That's really nice....

GrasshopperBoy said...

fathers rock :)

Prash said...

Not many people do celebrate father's day as they do mother's made such people wonder why they don't...

very sweet.

PS: I shall post something new very soon. I was busy last week and this week I am on holidays. The Weather is so good outside. I am always OUT.

Prash said...

It is so funny. I was clicking your profile to visit your blog and see what's visited my blog at the same it true that 'Great peoples think alike' ?

Prash said...

whenever people say to me 'Great people think alike' I reply to them 'Ya, So do the fools'>>>we defintely are not fools. :-)

passerby55 said...

Hi priya,
thankyou for your kind support and encouragement!

thankyou and dad is the best!


that was good...visiting each others blog at the same time!

*Th IN k IN g* alike is important!

thankyou ... tc

PS: looking forward to read your new post.

Prash said...

I don't know why I can't comment on your new post. It says that
comments are disabled by a administrator...

Anyway I wanted to say that...I thought you had a moral story out there. It turned out to be a farce. I laughed reading the word ' chicken ' ...LoL

passerby55 said...

hi Prash,

my mistake, i ticked the no comment box. u alerted me!. thanks...

Prash, truly i have friends who call me MORAL Officer!!

good you enjoyed the 'chicken'...*smile*