Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Why Do I Write?

Why I write isn't just because there's content crying out to be heard. I write because I like the me who writes. I like the high I get when something good comes out, when funny or painful words roll out in waves. When the surf is up, I want to be in it. When it isn't, I still like paddling around. It feels like my natural element.

This is not exactly 'why I write'.
‘I write’ because of little lollies (like a polo with the hole but not a mint)

My mother after she got married moved to a Metro city. Her maiden days were spent in rural areas of southern parts of India. No sooner, she got busy with her kids and her marital responsibilities, she found it difficult to keep in touch with her Mother.

Grandma lived alone. Mom was not lazy but she put things off, delayed doing things, thinking that it will be done.

This made Grandma worry. Worry for all of us. Her letters were often delayed.
One Summer vacation grandma suggested, why not dictate your letters. This way she could get her letters in time. So they both settled for me to be their future 'Writer'. One reason being I write very clean and tidy among all their loving kids.

So began that connection between mom and grandma through my first dictated, handwritten letters. The content of these letters remained the same for many. But they meant a lot for grandma.

For all those handwritten letters every summer vacation Grandma kissed me a little hard, gave me lollies and asked me not to share them with anyone …

I write, because grandma told me to Write with her kisses and lollies.
This is the fact.


Priya_Satarkar said...

First of all thanks a tonne for allowing to comment...

Its a very touchy post. I really long for the Grandma-Grandpa Love. I have never really got that. My Dad's parents expired when I was very small. My mom's parents don't really like us all to come home, you may feel this funny but the thing is my Mom and Dad had a love marriage so even after 24 yrs my mom's parents are Angry and hate us.. Even though I know many other Grandma's and Grandpa's I really don't have my very own.. That love is different, that care is different.. which no other person can make up.. Your post reminded me all these things. You are lucky to have that love and care.. and its nice that you value it.

Srijith Unni said...

A great thing, this dictating stuff. about you becoming the link between your mother and grandmother.

Really sweet. Thanks for posting this.. :-)


Ajay said...

hey that is soo touching

actually! even my dad makes me write all his official letters n stuff( be it exams or work or hols). i am his assistant. Dad makes me write the whole draft, feels that it is too complicated and changes the whole stuff.he get speeches written from me, and on stage he speaks something entirely different.
I throw a tantrum, but then i don't mind. these r a few things that you just do, no reason whatsoever :)

D'yer Mak'er said...

if i were your grandma... i'd have done the same...

NeiLDC said...

Yeah, writing is a form of releasing what on our creative minds, to shape things and to learn.. Write evything!

Prash said...


Why you write ? because your Grandma asked you to Write...


Don't stop...continue...


passerby55 said...


thankyou for your kind words and encouragement.

"That love is different, that care is different"
very true priya, i have got it,felt it, and also seen it.

MY INlaws and Parents shower so much love on my kids...

MY SON often tells me, MOM you have such wonderful parents...Why are you not like them?...

Priya, Love in any form is never denied, it is only Delayed...

tc and bye
___________________________________ @Srijith,
hi..welcome to my blog.

I am glad you read a post which was so close to my heart.


thanks for reading this post, it was closest to my heart.

"I throw a tantrum"
I like your tantrums, they make you special...

bye and tc
"if i were your grandma"...haha
you are full of care and help.
You ideally fit in as an another grandma for me...thanks


thanks for those encouraging words.
My kids wanna want to know will spain win the FIFAWorld cup..if it reaches the final whom do you want it play against.



I am not stopping ...thanks.

To smile and make one smile with you is more difficult than writing.

thanks for this comment and the smile.


mizfit said...

this was fantastic post...writing is the lolly for the heart ain't it. i write so many things and later realise what i was actually feeling...

u touched hearts with this post, woman!

passerby55 said...


Yes writing is the lolly for the heart.

When a heart speaks to listeners like "YOU" it can touch and gets touched

thanks again!

Usha said...

Brings back memories when i used to be the scribe for my mom's letters to her mom! And this post is written so well.

passerby55 said...

Hi USha,

With your comment i get a perfect ten comments for this post...

SOme facts when close to ones heart are well expressed i suppose.