Monday, May 08, 2006

"Finnegan" The Squirrel

For about as long as she can remember, Debby Cantlon says, friends and strangers have brought her animals in need. So it wasn't much of a surprise when someone asked her if she'd care for a newborn squirrel found at the base of a tree somewhere near Renton.

Debby Cantlon, who plans to release Finnegan, the young squirrel, back into the wild, bottle-fed the infant squirrel after it was brought to her house. Cantlon, who has cancer, says rescuing injured animals is therapeutic for her.

When Cantlon took in the tiny creature and began caring for him, she found herself with an unlikely nurse's aide: her pregnant Papillon, Mademoiselle Giselle.

Finnegan was resting in a nest in a cage just days before Giselle was due to deliver her puppies.

Cantlon and her husband watched as the dog dragged the squirrel's cage — twice — to her own bedside before she gave birth.

Cantlon was concerned, yet ultimately decided to allow the squirrel out — and the inter-species bonding began.

Finnegan rides a puppy mosh pit of sorts, burrowing in for warmth after feeding, and eventually working his way beneath his new litter mates.

Two days after giving birth, mama dog Giselle allowed Finnegan to nurse; family photos and a videotape show her encouraging him to suckle alongside her litter of five pups.

Now, Finnegan mostly uses a bottle, but still snuggles with his "siblings" in a mosh pit of puppies, rolling atop their bodies and sinking in deeply for a nap.

Finnegan and his new litter mates, five Papillion puppies, get along together as if they were meant to.

Finnegan naps after feeding.

Finnegan makes himself at home with his new litter mates, nuzzling nose-to-nose for a nap after feeding.


Priya_Satarkar said...

Must say, it was a really emotional post for me, it led me back to those moments when I had a Dog and a cat who grew up together and madly loved each other, cared for each other forgetting that they were a cat and a dog, not meant to be friends. Its lovely to see how nature works....

Your previous post was also lovely...Good Work.. I wait for your posts eagerly...

Wondering Soul said...

wow! it gives me hope. some humanity is still left on this earth. and ur article is one proof of it.its alesson for all human beings who discriminate people on the basis of status religion nation colour etc.
good job- passerby

Ajay said...

They r sooo amazing. Both the squirrel and the puppies.
best buddies :) !!!

Prash said...

lovely ! ! !

passerby55 said...

"Its lovely to see how nature works...."

You get to the heart and soul of every post.

@Wondering Soul...WElcome to my blog world....i look forward to read your imaginations, dreams.
I have known you for some yeras now, there is a wonderful warm person within you.

@AJAY...thanks. You are a sensitive person.

@ Prash...Welcome to my Blog.

BigCrisdogg said...

Have you released Finnegan yet
? If so how has it gone. We have a squirrel as well that was rescued three years ago and are wondering what and how to release it back into the wild. Is it too late? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.