Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A_Comment i received

this is to passerby55:

what the fuck. why are you even writing to pradeep? do you like to torment people you say you like? are you mental? i've held my tongue because of pradeep, but i can't anymore. he won't like that i'm posting this, but i will not just sit by as some two faced commenter on PRADEEP'S blog(not your own blog) insults him with every comment she makes.

you try to hide your insults with petty sweet talking about him and try to give him wise advice about what he posts, like you are some priest. but i have to say it's a rather sorry way of going about it.

if you disagree with pradeep so damn much, go post it on your own blog. even comment on his post that you have something to say about this post on YOUR OWN BLOG.

do you get your kicks from putting others down for no reason? what pradeep choice those 9 years ago did effect other people in his personal life. but are you apart of his personal life? no, you are not. so why are you trying to judge it?

take a hint from pradeep's other readers and keep to the positive notes rather then drag him and others down with your negative comments hidden in sickingly sweet nothings.

yes it's your freedom to write what you want, but it's damned rude and mean and vindictive to go on other people's comments and tear them down. go bitch about him in your own blog.

and just for the record i think he made a great decision back then that was very selfless and honorable. so go fuck yourself.

Dear Blogreader:
i wanted to preserve this comment.
Thankyou for reading it!