Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lil Mizfit ... My Fair Lady.

Lil Mizfit has nothing but fascination to dream,to write, to do all the crazy. She is a girl with courage and passion. An optimist by Nature.

Not much in my recent past, I sat at my desk social networking. I got myself introduced to a young bachelor. He lives in the capital city of India. He left education at an early age, got himself employed as a Chauffeur. He could hardly type in English, but he made an attempt. We shared no other language in common, but we were able to strike a conversation. He realised that i appreciated creative writing.

It was this young man who took me to

I read the intelligent and extremely articulate woman in front of me, its quiet hard to imagine she has what I humorously describe as a crazy, accompanied with wit and wisdom. Since then every morning i visit her blog. She never fails to update her blog, she comes to write the simple, practical world around her. I know that she loves to read, she eats Water Melon. She visits the Gym, she lives in a small apartment as a PG. She works hard, she gets promotions. I have read all her posts, and i wonder how her little brain works to imagine the impossibles. She truly amazes me.

Its was through her blogroll i read many others. Little does she know it was her blog that inspired me to enroll and create my world as you all know as "getting it write". My first ever comment was for her post.

I lay a badge of honor on her chest, a chest which holds a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind.


D'yer Mak'er said...

.. n' i must stop here for a while to say somethin' to you that i felt was really important to be told. i've more often seen that in this so called big world which at times seems to be larger than life has taken somethin' very fundamental from us. n' i don't even know what it could have been. but people have stopped mentionin' people let alone acknowledgin' them or givin' credit to them.

here.... i just wanted to say that you've this incredible trait still left inside you which makes you wait for a while... take your time n' write somethin' which actually makes a difference just by mentionin' them. i just wanted to let you know that what you've got here as your trait is not an ordinary one for the world i know lacks it. feel good about it. that you've somethin'... most of them don't...

Ajay said...

hey u r right. She is such a crazy crazy dame. And the with . OMG !!!
And she doesnt spend time hiding in her own world. All her posts r straight from d heart ... Direct Dil se .... :)

ummm badge of honour ? I hope u r not talking about the hanky ? ;)

passerby55 said...


i've more often seen that in this so called big world which at times seems to be larger than life has taken somethin' very fundamental from us..........

you come to speak the truth here...
I salute your honesty.


we both can see a quality in her which is so unique.

and for that badge.....don'tell her
It is indeed.... keeping the humor alive here....haha

thanks for that laugh and your comment.


mizfit said...

WHOA!!!i'm sooooo touched i can't ever discribe :)after a long, long time i felt so happy. last time i felt this happy was the day i was born and my doctor had to slap my bum to get that grin off my face.
thank you soooo much...

BTW, the chauffer frnd u spoke of was my collegue...not a chauffer.

I LOVE PASSERBY for this honor and i love Ajay for flattering me...i love it!!!d'yer maker was right....very few ppl acknowledge the other...passerby, u r really unique.

mizfit said...

BTW, u mentioned that my blog was inspiration for ur blog? this proves that craziness is infectious :)

Prash said...

oh mizfit...don't trust these people..they might be crazier than never know...

I thank passerby to getting me into the blog of mizfit...

mizfit said...

thanx to passerby for bringing in some traffic into my blog.

i made new friends thanks to u...i'm getting to senti that my eyes r welling up with tears. i hope u don't mind if i wipe my lil nosey on my "badge of honour" .... :)

passerby55 said...

@ mizfit:

i am glad you were so happy..
I wondered who had to slap your bum this time...LOL.

You defintely write well, they came and liked ur posts.

Please don;t wipe your nose on that badge, it may get heavy to hold on your chest ...It should never fall off ur chest...ITs a badge of honor.(lol)

@ Prash:
I am glad you liked Mizfit's blog.
You are always WElcome.


Wild Reeds said...

I love Lil Mizfits blog too. Genuine, authentic writing. Three cheers to her!

passerby55 said...

@ Wild Reeds.

yes you are right,
I like her blog for the same reasons....

Long live MIzfit and her CRAZINESS