Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Myself ...

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"Starry Nights"

I AM THINKING ABOUT :Just in case Tomorrow is too late.
(I keep thinking this many times in a day!)...

I SAID : I am already O.K.

I WANT TO: remove all the buts and whens from my vocabulary ( I mean LIFE)

I WISH : I always held my head high with a smile

I WONDER : why all my friends call me on the same day? why they remember me on the same day?

I REGRET : Nothing

I HEAR: My son telling me what happened on the playground yesterday.

I AM: Only a Human

I DANCE : when I hear music in the air

I SING: when I light a Candle of HOPE

I CRY : in the kitchen with a knife in my hand. (cutting onions)

I AM NOT : A reserved class(Person)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS : Actions… (when in a conversation ). I am an expressive person.

I WRITE : Even on a tissue paper… * Big Grin*

I CONFUSE : All my son’s friends (girl friends!). They call him when I am not at home.

I NEED : “Surprises“. (I love to give and take surprises ). I also need to change the subject ...

"I Tag: The first person who comments here"
Starry Nights(she tagged me), Usha and Hip grandma are excused this time.


Usha said...

Phew,..Thanks, but I already did this one, didnt I?
I just realised how each of us respond differently to the same set of questions. I guess that is what tags are all about.
Interesting stuff about you. Got to know a little more about the wonderful you. ((Big Smile))

Hip Grandma said...

I too talk with my hands as well as with my mouth and my voice grows sharper and shriller with time.

Anonymous said...

"I WONDER : why all my friends call me on the same day? why they remember me on the same day?"--Hey, did you take loans from all of them on the same day?

"I AM: Only a Human": Sure?

"I AM NOT : A reserved class(Person)"--This is fundoo! ROTFL!

"I WRITE : Even on a tissue paper… * Big Grin*": But this is a far less costly proposition than defacing walls/stones, which you had so strongly recommended in one of your earlier blogs. In fact, people have given up ideas of doing their friends a good turn out of fear that the beneficiaries would start looking out for stones to carve and if none is available at a convenient site, they might end up carving up their benefactors' places.

"I NEED : “Surprises“. (I love to give and take surprises ). I also need to change the subject ..."--- You need (rather deserve) to 'take' prizes as well without paying the price for the same.

passerby55 said...

hi Usha,

Yes you have done that tag, i remember it.... i rem you saying you cannto maek good rajma and Preeta commenting that all the good rajma is exported to you both make good posts as well as some good comments for each other.......

Yes, USha we all respond to it so differently ... how true.

"talk with my hands ...."

Preeta, that is why your sweet husband has to hold you hand in traffic...

I think he worries that you might bring the traffic to a halt.....
JUst kidding dont mind!

U pull his leg...
Post some instances on this ......
We readers may get some tips...


passerby55 said...

WElcome anonymous...

"Hey, did you take loans from all of them on the same day?"
shhhhhhh....don;t tell anyone!

doublyyy sure...

"this is a far less costly proposition"....haha, Are people already carving good deeds on stones? .......enjoyed this part of the comment.

(rather deserve)... *smiles*

I wondered how would you carry on the tag and where can we read your set of responses to these questions ......

otherwise i will have to write in the SAND
"today anonymous didn't do the TAG" ......

anyway, for commenting after reading that tailpiece...


Neers said...

hmmm... and i did this one tooo!! and i like the I NEED thing... even i love surprises!! :)

starry nights said...

Good job and learnt a little more about you. crying when cutting onions does not count. I like surprises also. Does not have to cost money even a surprise letter or words would help. Thats cute the girls are already calling your son.
I think it is nice that you dont have regrets. I think I have many but am working towards learning from them and then not making any more. Take care and have a good weekend.

desperado said...

"I REGRET : Nothing"
...hmmm...wish i could say the same thing :)

anand said...

I love surprises too..especially if its on bdays!:-)

Neers said...

thank you so much!! :) would really like to be able to give you a nickname... such a sweet thing...adopt you? sure! :)

mizfit said...

hey dere!

even i write on ony piece of paper that falls in my hands...

i loved this post. i felt it gave a closer insight of u...and i loved what i read.


Rose said...

why cant you hold ur head high with a smile??

I am highly expressive with my hands as wel.. My friends tease me saying im performing Bharatnatyam while I speak.. :D

Well.. You must be doing something to scare ur son's GFs.. ;)


P.S: - U like cats a lot, dnt you?

passerby55 said...

Hi Neers,

yes, surprises are wonderful moments of our life....

and Starry nights so wonderfully put it saying..."a surprise letter or words would help"...

Oh delighted are you really going to adopt...What is my Nick NAME? give me one, as good as you.


HI lalitha!

so many tears in the kitchen and i was not crying ... hmmmm

talk to a friend if you come across a regret again ....


Hi despardo,

stop regretting because you will
then have another regret out of all these regrets.

life is too short if we start to regret.

hi Anand,
yes nothing like a birthday surprise.

take care

HI mizfit,

"a closer insight of u"

I suddenly see light inside is it you with your little torch...(smiles)

thankyou for your words...
you are always loved here

I wonder how your waste paper basket luks like at the end of day!!!

HI rose,

i wish so, because at times you want others too to make you feel proud. It happens when you are a parent... it's only a wish though.

I never scare them but they seem to be always wanting to talk to him rather than me... LOl just kidding here.

life becomes beautiful and exciting to see your children grow up, with all this spice to it ...