Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Advertainment ...

A church choir was putting on a car wash to raise money for a special trip to Bethlehem. They made a large sign that read:


On the scheduled Saturday, business was very good. But, by two o'clock the sky clouded, the rain poured, and there were hardly any customers. Finally, one of the soprano singers had an idea.

She printed a very large poster with the words:

"WE WASH. GOD RINSES". (Next to the words was an arrow pointing skyward.)

Business boomed!


mizfit said...


in my case, i stink, i wait for god to rinse me...


Unaiza Nasim said...

we are having enough showers here.

vibhor said...

hey nice buddy......
here in mumbai,god rinses us a lot..

take care

V N said...

Great post, PB!!

Hey, I was having a few issues viewing ur page in Avant browser. It works fine in Firefox, though! :)

Neers said...

beautiful!! :) a huge smile!

Hip Grandma said...

that was a good one.ha..ha..ha!

Contented said...

haha..Nice one..:)

utkarsh said...

:D .. nice post !!

Nygma said...

Does He play dice while rinsing?

passerby55 said...

Hi mizfit,

you better live in a equatorial region...It rains there every afternoon at 40clock and through out the year!....haha

Unaiza good to see you here cheerful and happy.

welcome vibhor.

mumbai is blessed with great FALls....lol it just pours there.


need to find out why this problem.let me seee..

good you liked the post.

neers not as beautiful as your words. for that beautiful smile thankyou.

ALways with you....hahhahaha

Hi Contended,
back from italy?
good you liked the post.

Hi UTkarsh.

a big welcome to my blogworld...thankyou
Nygma welcome again...

play dice while rinsing... hmmm.

Patience to wait for the befitting time which HE knows is the best for you.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Really hilarious!