Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bring What You Can Carry

Every dream a child sees is made of golden sight, Every day the sun rises to spread its golden light ....
Once there was an old rich man who was afraid of dying and leaving all his wealth behind on earth. So, he took up the matter with God. He pleaded day and night to be able to take all his earthly possessions with him. Finally, God conceded. He said the man could take as much as he could fit in one suitcase. The old man immediately went out, bought a huge suitcase, sold all he owned and filled the suitcase with gold bars. Shortly after that, the old man died. Awkwardly dragging the big, heavy suitcase, he approached St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

St. Peter stopped him, asked him to open his luggage, and then told him he couldn't bring his gold bars into Heaven.The man was irate. "You don't understand," he said. "I got permission directly from God himself for this. He told me whatever I could fit into one suitcase, I could bring with me.

"St. Peter, shrugged his shoulders and simply said, "Fine with me. But we've already got plenty of pavement here."
Happy weekend friends!


Usha said...

what a beautiful story - where do you find the stuff? Loved it.
Reminded me of a saying I once read:
There is no hearse with a luggage rack!

Hip Grandma said...

good post.I hope many read it and pass it on.

V N said...

Wonderful post, PB!
And have an even more wonderful weekend!

starry nights said...

Nice post. makes you think that it is true that you cannot take anything with you when you leave this earth.better do good with it while you can.

desperado said...

you always have the best of stories out here

hillgrandmom said...

Yeah, well from Midas down they never stop trying do they? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Srijith Unni said...

Great post passerby..
It shows how meaningless material wealth can become in the end..!
Thanks for that reassurance..!

With Best Regards,

Neers said...

this damn neat!! and very well, put...! :) and i have to THANK YOU!! :)

Alapana said...

Very true,there is saying in hindi which means "man coems all alone and goes all alone,he just leaves memories.So try to be as good as you can be,material wealth wont give you much when you leave" Can i forward this story to my brother and hubby,they would love to read it.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of the saying, "The path to hell is paved with good intentions" and now, your story seems to advocate that the path to the heavens is paved (or littered?) with gold. Putting the two together, I'm a wee bit concerned that whilst giving good publicity to gold, you might be, even if unwittingly, giving good intentions a bad name.

passerby55 said...

Hi, alapana please go ahead and forward the story.

Sreejith Kumar said...


This one was a fine post. Absolutely great!

passerby55 said...

Hi USha,

It was forwarded to me by my neighbour who lives next door. I liked it. i shared it with everyone here.

i am glad you enjoyed it too.


thankyou Preeta, hope so everyone reads, to know what matters is "A life well lived".

hi Velu,

yes lalitha,
make the most of everything you have in your life. learn to enjoy the today. with what you have in your hand. thankyou for adding to the story.

HI desperado,

thankyou, maybe we all like the same stories, as we are aware of the truths, but get entangled with the wordly deeds. these stories are only reminders and allow you to take a breathing space between the two breaths.
Hi hillgrandmom,

yes midas touch ...thankyou. King midas did learn the lesson in the end. though a hard way.

Hi Srijith,
thankyou for your kind words.

Hi neers,
You are welcome ...
its good we get to say to each other "thankyou".

HI Alapana,
welcome to my blogworld,

you presence here helps me to understand this story well..that the ultimate truth for all is not material but our good intentions with good actions for each other.
Do pass forward the story to your friends and relatives , i am glad you thought of passing it on.

thankyou Sreejith i am glad. you found it great. Truth is indeed Great!

passerby55 said...

Hi Anonymous,

thankyou for this comment. It made me think how far this story stands true when man goes through the practicalities of life.

YEs, i trust good intentions accompanied with good actions will always outshine BAD.

GOld should be seen as only a metal like any other, I agree, Whatever is good/right for a righteous living should remain and glitter like gold.

Stories have a wonder element for the listener. Its better to say, "I wonder if the world is a better place" rather than "i hope the world is a better place".

we all walk on a path towards an emptiness like a potter working on his wheel in space with clay to make a creation which is empty within.

thankyou for giving a different perception to this post.

Kakshi said...

Hey a cool story...pretty interesting :)
Short, sweet and simple, but with a lot of depth!

seriously_frivolous said...

Beautiful story. So does that mean you dont cherish some thing if in abundance. Or is there some thing more valuable in heaven. Ya...rises the questions what does "valuable" really mean!
Thought provoking post.

itchingtowrite said...

embodies the fact that value/ importance is relative. that which is supposed to be the most valueable material stuff on earth is like dirt in heaven. We better realise that there are other things like peace of mind/ happiness/ family which are much more important and carry universal value..

passerby55 said...

Welcome Kakshi...

Thankyou for reading the story. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thankyou Seriously_frivolous.

YEs, to find the valuable we keep searching/stressing oursleves, less do we realise it was always with us. Thankyou for that wonderful comment.


Welcome Iitchingtowrite....thankyou for those words, "the fact that value/ importance is relative"....

very well summed up by you.