Friday, August 04, 2006

Make time to live ...

A short story ...

Two friends were walking through the desert. At one point, both started arguing and one of the friends hit the other in his face. The one who was hit was hurt, without uttering a single word. He sat down and wrote in the sand,

"Today My Best Friend Hit me in the Face".

They carried on walking, until they reached an oasis, they wanted to freshen up and started to bathe. The friend who was hit in the face, got caught in the mud and was about to drown when his other friend saved his life. After he recovered he took a stone and carved into it,

"Today My Best Friend Saved My life".

Puzzled the other friend inquired, "why a stone, earlier you wrote in the sand?"

He looked up and smiled and said,
"When I was hurt, I wrote in the sand so that the wind can blow it, but when you saved my life I carved it on the stone. so that the wind can never blow it away".

We have to learn to write our pain in the Sand. The wind by blowing it away can help us to forgive. But the good moments have to be carved on the stone, so that we never forget them. Nature has given us many gifts,which are all around us. They teach us,
"Lets make time to live!"


starry nights said...

Nice story. we should all be writing in stone the good deeds and forgiving the bad. a lesson to be learned.

Hip Grandma said...

I hope it is possible for each of us to carve our good moments in stone for future generations to learn something out of it.good post.loved every line.

Usha said...

I second hip grandma. Yes, loved every line.

Srijith Unni said...

Have heard this story before, but nice of you to bring it up in a post..

It is never good to hold grudges..

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

mizfit said...

i've alwayz loved this story...such an interesting manner to learn imp lessons in life, na?


V N said...

great read. especially since i am reading this one for the first time!!

and i like that pic that u have put up with as well. footprints on the sand somehow brings abt a nostalgic feel in me all the time, dunno why! :)

Contented said...

Nice story! Much to learn from it and its worth it...:)

passerby55 said...


Lalitha,Preeta,Usha,Srijith,Mizfit.Velu and Contended.

thankyou for listening to the story. I loved it too.

Thankyou very much for always being the BEST LISTENERS.

God bless you all!

aceian said...

Noble! I learnt something nice today.... and its from your blog. Thanks!

Ram said...

Yes, noble story recounted by a noble soul. Brings in an inspiration for skill upgrade as well, by its advocacy of stone-carving! Cheers.

passerby55 said...

Welcome to my blogworld Aciean

thankyou, your comment made me feel good.

i am glad to know someone's today is good .... i wish it is very good.


Welcome to my blogworld Ramjee(lol)

that was a beautiful comment.
double cheers to you!

Mahadevan said...

I like the freshness of approach - the good lasting for ever and the evil blown away by the wind. Compare this with what Shakespeare said in Julius Caezar:

"The evil that men do live after them. The good is oft interned with their bones".

passerby55 said...

Welcome to my blogworld Mahadevan,

thankyou for your wonderful comment.

I see the whole post in a different light now.

I guess HAD Brutus not been such a good orator and moved into the Pulpit first to give reasons, for killing Ceasar. Antony may not have used those words...
i maybe wrong...please correct me.

sometimes U need the help of EVIL to kill EVIL and let good prevail!

thankyou again.


Mahadevan said...

I agree with you. Antony had to counter Brutus' justification. In the absence of that he would have merely mourned the death of his friend Caezar.

seriously_frivolous said...

reminds me...Similar analogy why Godess Saraswati (Godess of learning) sits on a rock (indicates that learning is stable and permanent) and Godess Lakshmi on waters. Needless to say what that indicates...

passerby55 said...

welcome my blogworld.

that was a wonderful comment mate!... will paas by your blog...

money is like the flowing water and knowledge is stable .... cannot get myself out of this comment thankyou again.