Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I don't have a death wish ...

A broken heart, a trembling mind and a bleeding soul
Are what were left behind when you went with the waves

I keep trudging along our cherished memories
Did they realize that you were the right, me the left, treading together the desert and woods alike;
You my inspiration and my company your delight.

We balanced each other but now I remain collapsed;
I‘ve nothing left , but Faith that things will become easier; and keep me alive

Going on does not come easily as many see it to be

I recall all the good times we shared through all the years
The pain I feel will be within; until my fading day
Will we ever meet in this vast expanse before me.

No … I don’t have a death wish only feel loneliness and pain
That grows with every touching wave, but not taking me away .


NeiLDC said...

footprints in the sun
they will then fade
by the breeze of the shore
and by the winds that roar

How will i trace your track then
if you will go away from them
please have time to think
or just follow me and give me a wink!

starry nights said...

Only time can heal all wounds.You were meant to stay.

passerby55 said...

thankyou Neil,

"How will i trace your track then"
that was humble.


Hi Starry,
"You were meant to stay".
that was generous and kind.


desperado said...

Be alive in every sense of the word
Keep the faith
Take care

Neers said...

i agree with desperado, Keep the Faith!!
and those were quite beautiful lines!!

NeiLDC said...

Passerby! I wish you were okay there in India, I hope also that no relatives nor friends are there. Why is it that there are no peace on earth. I was hoping on day that those people will soften their hearts, not only that occurred in your area but in the middle east as well. The most that suffered are those kids who never enjoyed their right to live in a peaceful and innocent way!

My prayers and concern are extended!

passerby55 said...

Hi Desperado,

thankyou, faith, in every sense is what one need's to keep.

Hi Neers,
yes i too agree with desperado.thankyou

Hi Neil,
thankyou for your concern and prayers.

You are right we need to look at the children and ask them what they need. This world we build today is for their tomorrow. let us give them the best of all gifts. lets teach them love rather than hate.

We cannot change people with a law.We need to Change peoples's heart with GOD.(whose children we all are)