Thursday, July 13, 2006

How do we see yet, be so blind ...

You don't get it.
What does it matter,nothing will last .
You ask yourself, What is today?
"today is tomorrow a piece of the past".
It can never last.

The shared moments are only passing times
A piece of your heart lies forever in friends;
who never change your thoughts.

How do we see yet, be so blind

"Life is too short to live with regret"

It gets better as time goes by to look for the good,
at least give it a try ...


starry nights said...

Today is tomorrow the piece of the we have to live each day without regrets and life is never know when it will be taken away. nice post.

L>T said...

very nice poem. I can't get into mizfits blog either. :( I'll go ask her friend uglygirl)

Hip Grandma said...

If these words of wisdom were even half understood we wouldn't have terrorists bombing trains.when we know that we take with us nothing in the world except our karma we act so selfish.what would happen if we could really take some thing?the world would've been wiped out long back.

Ekta said...

*"Life is too short to live with regret" *
Agree with u 100%...its about living for the, here, if there is no tomorrow.!

Ajay said...

mmm. pretty inspiring:)

V N said...

after 7/11
life suddenly seems even shorter.

thoughtful post.

Suji said...

'A piece of your heart lies forever in friends'. If you live your life so that your friends remember you when you are no more...i think thats a life well lived.
Wonderful blog u have here. Really loved ur posts and ur pics. :)

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

Completely agreeing with you.... ***"Life is too short to live with regret" ***... Still thinking about this line....

desperado said...

ought to start doint tht..but its damn tough...but sometimes this life appears too long...much too long n monotonous for comfort

passerby55 said...

Hi Starry,

Many of us worry of future and forget the present...the challenge is not the future ...

I guess the real challenge is today, now this moment. We must live to our heart content!
Thankyou for your continuous encouragement and support...bye


thankyou ... hope you are enjoying your holidays...bye


Hi Preeta!
Welcome, Thankyou for your kind words. Very true, Its a hard lesson learnt, that we come with nothing and go with nothing with us...bye


HI Ekta,
Welcome and you are very right. 100%..bye


Hi AJay,
How r u?.... INspiration is only 1%
99% is perspiration...bye


Hi Velu
Welcome and thankyou
I liked/agree the irony you wrote...

"its not the fear of death anymore,its the fear of being ALIVE"..... bye

Hi SUji,

Welcome to my blogworld..thankyou for all the compliments.

Making friends and giving away a piece of your heart is the most beautiful gift one can give to this world, today... bye

HI Eclipsed thoughts

thankyou ,
You got the best one there to think....

Live every moment of your life the way you had never thought you could have lived! ...


Hi desperado,

Good to see you again. thankyou

"but its damn tough"
Yes, most of us agree to that, i guess we should follow our own inner clock now, it will work better than any other break this monotony


Kakshi said...

Nice one...
really sets one thinking...

passerby55 said...

Hi Kakshi!

setting things is good, and if its by your thinking you can never set wrong.

thanks ,,,,bye

Usha said...

Absloutley, life doesnt have to be made so terrible if only we could choose good. Touched by the post especially at the moment.

passerby55 said...

hi USha,

thankyou for your comment.
yes, i agree with you.