Monday, July 17, 2006


I was on Usha's blog, having some time on my hands, I clicked on a comment on her recent post only to feed my want - to inquire.

Friends,this click took me to a blog which has just begin to bloom.

In her very first post she says, “My children tell me owning a blog is the surest sign that one is still young at heart :) ”.

Here, I read with a child-like wonder. Words that were deeper, simpler than my daily prayers. They made me listen and surrender. They confirmed my trust that the every day begins to remind that all want the same things _”to be happy and be loved”

This blog has just laid its foundation, its building and it is growing. She writes to tell about a wonderful life lived, and is going strong with the every U-turn she takes with her new acquired Red Maruti Alto.

I am with her on the longest journey which begins from my mind into my heart …


Srijith Unni said...

YOur child-like innocence, is very much noticeable in your words, passerby..

Nice Recommendation..!

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Hip Grandma said...

Did I really desrve what I got?I am overwhelmed.Thanks a million!

starry nights said...

Thanks for the link .I am going to check this out.

Prash said...

That was a beautiful begining phrase. I shall visit the new-comer's blog soon.

I missed you. I didn't find enough time to sit in front of the 'puter these days.

shall read your other posts soon and see what you were upto...


Neers said...

damn cool...and equally cool recommendation!! and heyyy, thanks for stopping by... we all live by some kinda magic.. dont we?? :) some of us more than the rest...

may the magic be with you!!

V N said...

hey passerby

am here again out of choice, and not by chance! :)and yes, the hiphopgrandmom seems one awesome writer. hv been frequenting her blog the last few weeks!kudos to her!

hows the blog ban going on ur side, pal?

desperado said...

”to be happy and be loved”

n d last line was just spot on...d longest journey

Neers said...

Nostalgic.. isnt it?? sometimes, i still am caught in my tracks... when some long forgotten tune lilts from somewhere... and am sure, so are you..! thanks again, passerby (umm, do we have a name, dear friend?) :)

you have a good day!

passerby55 said...

Hi Srijith,

The writer in you will always appreciate HIp Gradma. I am sure you will always encourage such writers. Your poetry too brings out the simple/earthy nature within you.



Hi Preeta!
You do and much more. keep writing.



You are welcome Lalitha ...thankyou


Hi prash!

its nice to know you take out some time from your hectic schedule to post your kind words here for everyone. enuff will not write any furthur...

haha ... won't want to spoil you'

Its good you move around and socialise, you get some good topics to talk on your blog.



I am glad Neers you liked her writings...

For your writings i must add here the calibre, the use of colours , the lovely display of words, the magic the nostalgia,.... i appreciate it all.

"do we have a name....umm"
I will try to find
one for me and one for you
in your words(poems)
they are sheer magic ...


hi Velu...


well choice and chance ...
You used and framed them so well that i smiled



hello! you read the post well to pick the best there.



Usha said...

Yes, isn't she amazing. I love the follow of her writing and her perspective born of her experience. I am so glad she found me and helped me find her.Hipgrandma, you rock indeed!

Usha said...

OOPs I meant to say that I love the flow of her writing!

passerby55 said...

hi Usha,

i am glad i found her through your blog!

for me both of you rock,