Sunday, July 16, 2006




I know this is weird to hear
and wow it's awkward for me to say
But I was hoping if you weren't busy
we could go out on a date today

I'm not a pervert or anything
but I appreciate all your qualities
And I hope you know
that friends are one of life's rare commodities

So if you want a joyous outing of smiling
until our nice time ends
I hope you'll give me a call
and we can be best of friends


Anand said...

thats an awesome way to ask ur friend out on a date!!
Difficult for anyone to resist!
Hope u get ur date:-)
All the best!

Srijith Unni said...

Nice One..!

Brought up a smile on my face..! :)

With Best Regards,

Neers said...

so cute!! and so simple... greatest joys of life, indeed are simple!! thanks "passerby".. for word on my post... and may i say.. that you do capture little things with quite a ease!

Hip Grandma said...

if age is no bar then could i be ur friend?

starry nights said...

That was cute.Appears to be that was what they were saying.

passerby55 said...

Welcome Anand to my blogworld.

Whoever said that What's in a name?
A name like ANAND(happiness), Can anyone refuse you for a date? I doubt...:smiling @Ekta:
lol...bye, take care.


Hi Srijith,
I like that smile!


Hi Neers,
thankyou, you recaptured me!


Hi Preeta!
Can i have a drive in your car?
thankyou friend.

Hi Starry,

I too thought the same they indeed Appear to be ...
lol some goodlip reading here..

The world seems to be busy reading
Materazzi's lips for that (head butt from Zidane)

bye take care!

Bhakti said...

Okay...where shall we meet?


passerby55 said...

hi Bhakti,

how r u?

that's the that

take care....