Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On the Lighter side :)))


starry nights said...

Me first.....Made me smile. Nowadays its all about the Net.

kavya said...

ur post justifies the addition of words like cybercitizens n netizens to our vocabulary.

Hip Grandma said...

A good one,made me laugh.

Mahadevan said...

Mother gives only the id. The child devises its own password.

Ajay said...

hehe i loved the first one
and of course mahadevan's comment :)

Neers said...

heehee!! neat! :) hows you??

passerby55 said...

Dear Lalitha,
Always my first, friend will u be.

thankyou. Glad i could make you smile.

Dear Kavya,

how are YOU? Your comment justifies better than the post.



passerby55 said...

I am Glad i could make you laugh PReeta. Thankyou.


Dear MAhadevan,
You come with such Simple comments and words, but you hit the nail so well. Even AJay couldn't stop mentioning it.(please read his comment)


passerby55 said...

Hi Joey boy(Ajay)

how are you doing?I am glad you liked the first one and MAhadevan's comment. He is a wonderful blogwriter just like you.

Dear Neers,

How are you? Thankyou for your concern. God bless you