Monday, January 01, 2007

I propose, that as of today:

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had last year."

I propose, that as of today: let us hold our hands together and welcome 2007.

‘Happy New year, Friends’


Sreejith Kumar said...

Happy New Year... Happy New Year.... Happy New Year.... to you and your dear ones...... :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too,Come,Lets join the hands and welcome a new bright joyfull day:)


Usha said...

I agree and what a nice and bright note to begin the year with!
have a wonderful year ahead.

Shari said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

I love the quote. Let's hope all of us can be successful in dealing with our old problems and work with new ones. Who quoted that?

God Bless!

starry nights said...

Happy new year to you and I love that quote. unity does give us strength to tackle even the hardest problem.

Neers said...

may this Odd Year be beautifully even for you!! Touched and Humbled by your compliments and wishes!! :)

artnavy said...

that is a lovely photograph- may 2007 be as lively and refreshing for al of us

kavya said...

happy new year passerby

Keshi said...

Happy New Year my friend!

Lovely bright pic there!!


Mahadevan said...

Unforgettable lines.

Wishing you a New Year, as bright and plentyful as the flower in your Blog.

hillgrandmom said...

happy 2007 passerby!

mizfit said...

i absolutely agree with ur definition of success...

Happy new yr too u too!

Neers said...

heyyy.. saw you after long! how have you been?

Srijith Unni said...

A very warm, happy and prosperous new year to you too, passerby..

Me back after my break..

With Best Regards,

starry nights said...

You have been tagged. check my blog.thanks.

passerby55 said...

Thankyou very .. very .. very .. much .. Sreejith.

Wishing you a happy 2007 .


I am ever ready...lets enjoy 2007 together..

Thankyou Usha, and you too have a wonderful year ahead.


Welcome Shari,

I don;t remmeber who quoted that.I too loved it. Happy new year to you.

Hi Lalitha

How are you feeling now? thankyou for your wishes.

I join another year of happy blogging to our friendship. Shall visit you soon to see to what the tag is all about.. Till then happy 2007 & Happy blogging.

passerby55 said...

Fine here Neers, thankyou.

I am sure 2007 must have bought along a number of goodies for you.


Hi artnavy..

WIshing you a refreshing year ahead.
I should visit you soon. Happy 2007 and happy blogging!

Thanks Dear Kavya.

Hope this year brings you the best of all your wishes.


HEllo Keshi thankyou very much.

I hope this year brings you loads wishes and happiness.


Dear Mahadevan,

Thankyou very much. WIshing you a wonderful 2007.


passerby55 said...

A bright 2007 to you Hillgrandmom!

Hey! My fair lady.

WIshing you the very best. Happy new year.

Happy new year Srijith.

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the break.