Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good or Evil: The one I feed

In black you can read the word GOOD, in white the word EVIL (inside each black letter is a white letter). It's all very physiological too, because it visualize the concept that good can't exist without evil (or the absence of good is evil ).

Think of this poem called ‘The Eagle and the Wolf’:

There is a great battle
That rages inside me.

One side is a soaring eagle.
Everything the eagle stands for
Is good and true and beautiful.

It soars above the clouds.
Even though it dips down into the valleys,
It lays its eggs on the mountaintops.

The other side of me is a howling wolf.
And that raging, howling wolf
Represents the worst that is in me.

He eats upon my downfalls
And justifies himself by
his presence in the pack.

Who wins this great battle?
The one I feed


Srijith Unni said...

That poem is an excellent piece, passerby.. Thanks for sharing..
Good and Evil.. they`re so complementary.. It really is tough to decide..

THought provoking..!

With Best Regards,

starry nights said...

A very thought provoking post. so true good and evil reside within us.Its which one we feed that will over take the other.

Rajitha said...

Good one!! thanks for sharing :)

Mahadevan said...

Good dominates over evil in your picture. In fact, one had to look for it. Innovatively coneived.

Shari said...

How true. But good is supposed to win over evil. That's what our conscience is for. Thanks for sharing.

Keshi said...

The One I Feed indeed! well said.


kavya said...

nice n thought provoking post passerby!!

n the pic and poem fit so well together.

thnx for sharing

passerby55 said...

Hello Srijith,

"Good and Evil.. they`re so complementary.. It really is tough to decide" ..

Yes, agreed they are. It is tough to decide, But one thing for sure we can be good to all.IF all think the same. Maybe, then evil would no longer exist.


Hello Lalitha,

Yes, btoh reside within us. ANd the one we feed we shall reap.
Thankyou Rajitha. You are welcome.

passerby55 said...

Hello Mahadevan.

how true. We indeeed need to find good. how rare has it become!

Thankyou Shari,

Thankyou for sharing your veiws here.

Hello Keshi,
you get it right, indeed the one we feed.
Hello Kavya,

You are always welcome.


Usha said...

Nice one. As they say, Heaven and Hell are both inside us and we can make our lives what we choose it to be.