Saturday, November 04, 2006

** A House of Joy**

Thank you, for living with me and for inhabiting and making this house of joy, a home. You have helped me build this structure with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Your words have filled it with rare and beautiful treasures _ Hearts Full Of You.

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Each of you have helped to fill this with your spirit of love , joy, and peace.
Thank you, for helping me keep this place spiritually fervent with joy and zeal.

A New Day Has Come ...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back,and feels so good to see you posting again.And the roses are so so so beautiful:) are they from your garden,i just feel like touching them:)


desperado said...

welcome back
and thank you for the roses :)

Neers said...

Yo!!! Welcome Back, Madamoiselle! :) Missed Ya!

Neers said...

hi!! hows you today?

mizfit said...

awww!!! u r so sweet.

love ya so much!

Usha said...

hey, thank you. It has been my pleasure to visit you and delight in those positive and love filled messages and inspirational stories that I am sure of finding here. It is like a refuelling stop after a tired day to get the energy for going further.
And I get thanked for it too!?
That is a bonus!!!
Welcome back.

mystic rose said...

hi passer by
welcome back! ive been away too.