Monday, November 13, 2006

... :(

MY 12-YEAR-OLD daughter asked me, "Mom, do you have a baby picture of yourself?

I need it for a school project." I gave her one without thinking to ask what the project was.

A few days later I was in her classroom for a parent-teacher meeting when I noticed my face pinned to a mural the students had created.

The title of their project was "The oldest thing in my house."


artnavy said...

hahahah- that is so funny.

Sreejith Kumar said...

The oldest!!!! So classic!!!! Regards to her...

desperado said...

gem!!!! :D

Shari said...

ROTFL!! It takes a good sense of humor to get through that moment. That's really cute!!

Keshi said...

OLD is GOLD, so be happy girl :)


Neers said...

:) :) and :) kids!!!

hillgrandmom said...

I love the look of your blog

mikey said...

awwww...that's so cute, hehe.

seriously_frivolous said...

ha ha...started my day with a hearty laugh. Next time you gotta perhaps give your husband's pic.

mizfit said... say the darnest thing. he he he...

Ajay said...

inocence at its best :)

Alapana said...

children and their way of thinking,so innocent and simple logics:) How have you been passerby.

passerby55 said...

Hi Artnavy,

I am glad you had a hearty laugh.


Hi sreejith,

Thankyou for that lovely comment.

HI Desperado,
Gem ... ya but your comment polished it....thankyou.

HI Shari,

Welcome to my blogworld and thankyou for your lovely words.


Hello Keshi

Welcome to my blogworld.
you got it right,OLd is gold ........thankyou for those heartfull/felt. Goldy words.

Hello NEers,

thankyou. you make my each day feel good with your lovely short comments.

I need to find some name, and let us have a wonderful naming ceremony to celebrate with your wonderful/magnetic poetry.


passerby55 said...

Hi hill grandmom.

Thankyou. Should visit you soon. Its been some long time since I knocked at your space. Sorry.

take care.
HI mikey.
thankyou and welocome tomy blog world.

Hi Seriosuly_frivolous.

what a duffer have i been. duh!. I should have given her my hubby's photo.....

that was an intelligent comment.Thankyou
HI My Fair lady,

Yes they do... so do you. right?

Thankyou Ajay,
hope everything is well with you.

Hi alapana.

I am fine . thankyou. I shall visit your space soon.

take care

mizfit said...

he he he...yup. u r right. i say the darnest things, oh ever so often!

Usha said...

That naughty little imp! hehe..