Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Joy Ride ...

A few years ago, one summer day, we were waiting to hear the good news. My elder bro and his wife were expecting their second child.

My parents were eager to see a granddaughter. Until then, the house was full of grandsons.. "Grandsons are good, but granddaughter is a must", Mom and dad had spelled out on several occasions. " I have to be an aunt to a niece", I added to their feelings.

Later that afternoon, my elder brother's son and his cousins enquired when would his mom return with his new born brother from the hospital. I told him, "Mom, would be back soon with their sister".

On hearing this, there was an united shout "No, no way, we have no place for a sister in our gang. She will cry for little things. Girls are sissy". I was not happy to hear this. It was indeed a bad attitude towards my newly born niece.

"How could they not be waiting for their sister?" I am the second born , I am a girl . Mom, ones mentioned brother would hug around and sing newly learnt rhymes to her tummy. He was waiting for his unborn sister, a Star, who was yet to arrive.

"Bro do you remember, how you sang and made me feel welcome at home. Were you waiting for me? Did you always want a sister. or was it a brother you wished for? .I enquired.

He smiled to reply, "Yes, I was waiting, but neither for a sister nor a brother".

He continued ," Dad had promised that if I behaved well, when mom was carrying you , he would buy me a tricycle". "All the neighboring boys had one and played with it in the corridor". He smiled to say. Although, Bro was not waiting for me. I was happy neither was he waiting for any brother.

Dad kept his promise. He bought a tricycle but with a double seat. The family album at my parent's home shows my bro riding the tricycle with me, on the second seat. Mom remembers that he carried me everywhere, on his new tricycle, and I always smiled to enjoy it.

On this very day, indeed a star was born for dad, mom and big bro. Thankyou, brother for the "joy ride" and "happy birthday to me".


Reshmi said...

Happy B'day..Have a gr8 day and a wonderful year ahead..:)

And such a cute lil incident to recall on ur day!

mizfit said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!. wish u all the very best in your life.

BTW, ur brother must have realised how precious u were coz he did take u for the joy rides rather than take his best buddy out on a ride on his tricycle.

suemamma said...

Happy birthday. Big brothers are great to have aren't they?


a very happy belated birthday ..
its nice to hear such a sweet memory of you ....

Prash said...

Happy B'day (it is late..sorry)

Usha said...

OOps I am late . Have a great year ahead passerby!

kavya said...

belated happy birthday wishes from me...n such sweet memories r wat make life beautiful.

passerby55 said...

Hi Reshmi!

yay! you are the first to wish me .thankyou.

Hi Mizfit!

Thankyou for the wishes. It's was a great pleasure to receive them from you.

Hi Sueamma,
thankyou for your wishes. I am gald you came in here to wish me.

Hi PRash,
How are you?

Better late than never.
Thankyou fo ryour kind wishes.

Hi USha,
Your every comment here in my space are indeed wishes i receive with a smile.

thankyou Dear Kavya,

your wishes mean a lot to me.

Rajitha said...

belated birthday wishes and have a wonderful year ahead..

Anonymous said...

I am sorry,I missed it,Have a wonderful year ahead,God bless you.


Hip Grandma said...

That was a nice remniscence.I must ask my brother if he was happy to have me for a sister.You haven't mentioned if the couple were blessed with a girl or boy.

Hip Grandma said...

Happy B'day!!

Raka said...

hey happy birthday girl...loved goin thru ur post..a well written one...

this is my 1st visit to ur blog and surely not the last

...i wonder why ppl hav such animosity towards girl child...i heard that after my mom came home with me from the hospital my grandmom wasnt too happy for me...yest another girl!she had lamented...i 2 like u am the second chilg..ive an elder sis...but atleast i can say my dad treats me a like a boy itself but then there are times when i get the typical girl treatment...alas!

passerby55 said...


Rajitha, Alapana, Preeta and Raka

Thankyou very much for your wishes.
I am very glad to receive them from you.

passerby55 said...


I got a niece. The couple was blessed with a baby girl.

passerby55 said...

Welcome Raka,

I do agree with what you mentioned in your comment. But i think with education and awareness, We are moving towards a better future