Monday, December 11, 2006

I will ...

A little boy leaned and whispered in Santa’s good ear and said , “I want no toy , Santa dear . I want your secret. Tell it to me”.

Santa smiled and replied, "I have no secret, but the truth is, my sack is full of magic”.

What is the magic Santa dear ? enquired the little boy.

I shall tell you the magic, said Santa to the boy. “Now listen to me"

In my sack I carry on Christmas Eve day
More love than a Santa could e’er give away.
The sack never empties of love, or of joys
‘Cause inside it are prayers and hope.
Not just toys
The more that I give, the fuller it seems,
Because giving is my way of fulfilling dreams.
And do you know something? You’ve got a sack, too.
It’s as magic as mine, and it’s inside of you.
It never gets empty; it’s full from the start.
It’s the center of lights and love.
It’s your heart.
And if on this Christmas you want to help me,
Don’t be so concerned with the gifts ‘neath your tree
Open that sack called your heart, and share
Your joy, your friendship, your wealth, your care.
”The light in the small boy’s eyes was glowing
“Thanks for your secret.
I’ve got to be going."“Wait, little boy,” said Santa,
Will you share? Will you help? Will you ?”
And just for a moment the small boy stood still,
Touched his heart with his small hand and whispered,
“I will."


Sara said...

Thanks for another beautiful post. This is truly what I would like to give my children on Christmas morning.

Keshi said...

aww beautiful! I still believe in Santa :)


Perspective Inc. said...


kavya said...

so beautiful...

christmas is all about love...rests in the hearts of people everywhere,all the time.Its upto us to find it everyday,in so many ways...when we show love,we get it back.

thnx for sharing such wonderful lines.

starry nights said...

Really touching post.Christmas is more than presents and parties.its about sharing love.

passerby55 said...

Thankyou Sara,

You give me encouragement.That is a beautiful feeling.


HI Keshi girl

Thankyou, i am glad you still believe in Santa. I am sure he will visit you this year too.



Welcome Perspective inc. to my space!


Thankyou Kavya,

For always being so wonderful


passerby55 said...

Hi Lalitha...

Thankyou very much. You have the right message of Christmas.