Monday, October 02, 2006

ok, I am weird ... but in a good sense .

While I was working on this post, I met Jack. Jack is my online friend. This conversation(chat) is between Jill(passerby) and Jack .. .. .. please read on.

Jack : Hola! how are u?
Jill : hi there. I am fine , thanku

Jack : so what’s up buddy
Jill : just a little busy, with my blog. I am tagged by two good blogmates srijith and neers.They both have asked me to list six weird things about me.

Jack : Oh ! I remember you tell me that you blog.
how is it going?
Jill : I seem to find nothing weird in me right now. can you help me find something weird about ...

JACk : Me?
Jill : ya, its better to know from your frds. They are the ones who know you better.

Jack : you are right there, but I never find anything weird in you, if you were weird why would you be on my frnd/list
Jill : may be weird in some good sense, did you observe anything weird but good about me.

Jack : let me think, oh ya do you remember, at one time I told you that you jump topics.
JiLL : jump in wht sense?

Jack : jump, like A Monkey , but in all good sense. We can then exchange a talk on variety of subjects you see.
Jill : (thinking in her mind) I am a monkey. (Wants to ask Jack to Pack and leave her alone).

Jack : yes, Jill one good weirdness about you is that you talk a lot.
Jill : you mean talkative in good sense

Jack : yes, I often wonder how can you talk so much?
Jill : you mean to say I talk non stop and that I should try to shutup!

Jack : hey, you jump to conclusions very fast , this is weird in you.
{Jill : thinking to herself..he could not count a single weird ness in me and now the whole of me seems weird ….JAck is so weird}...

Jack : I hope I am helping you find weird things in good sense.

Jill : {( in her mind) yes you have helped enuff}
Jill : Jack thanku, you helped me with this difficult tag.

Jack : my pleasure, Jill

Jack : bye, got to hurry now. I have a meeting to attend.
Jill : byebye ,, see ya soon.
( I wonder did Jill come tumbling after or did Jack push her).

So I am talkative, I rush through topics , and I jump to conclusion, but all in a good sense ... *smiles*… Let me quickly push (pass I mean) this tag to a few here …

ajay, wild reeds, contended, Seriously_frivolous, alapana, random thoughts please take up this tag, if you have not done it before.


Prash said...

Hello there !!!

I am back...shall read your posts ASAP...


Sreejith Kumar said...

Hhahah! A nice way to respond to a tag!

Ram said...

Very nicely put. Cheers!

Hip Grandma said...

different approach.a good but different approach i mean.well written.say hi to jack from me.

Neers said...

yo.. so i know jill a little more!! :)

and heyy, that aint front of washing machine... however, it does look it... its a window on the cruise liner...:)

Srijith Unni said...

A most innovative way to take up the tag and do it so well..
Three cheers for talkative passerby55.
you know what..? I might be the exact opposite for the word 'talkative'.. :)

With Berst Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading.A different way to respond to a tag.I will do mine very soon:) thankyou for remembering me;p

seriously_frivolous said...

Well...every one said it...innovative response to a tag. Nice to meet another chatter box :) I will respond to your tag soon..

mizfit said...

woman, NEVER,NEVER,NEVER ask a frnd to list ur faults...they tell u some and more! may this b a lesson learned..

BTW, it was fun to read the conversation...

Usha said...

hey, loved the style of the post.
And all in a nice way, I am sure!

V N said...

that was quite a distinct way of doing it, PB!!

Neers said...

hows you??

starry nights said...

Very well done tag. Did not find anything weird in are you.take care:)

Ajay said...

hehe. cool one.
ive fulfilleed your wish, your highness :)

passerby55 said...

Hi Prash,

that was a sweet gesture, to say a hello and remember your blog friend ...

looking forward to read a post from you ....



thanks for appreciating it, makes me feel happy.

Hey Ram,

Double cheers!

HI PReeta,

JAck says hello to you too *smile*

Hi Neers,

thankyou, jill is happy to meet you

Hi alapana & seriously_frivolous

thankyou for taking up the tag..I
will be there at your blog to read it. all the very best.


Hi Mizfit,
point noted.
hi Usha

yes, all in good way. *smile*
hi Velu,

thankyou. all seem to have liked it and i too did enjoy posting it.


HI lalitha,

how are you? .... i am glad you liked it.

hi ajay,


passerby55 said...

HI srijith,

thanks for those good words. I do feel proud about it.

you not talkative,,,yes we talkative people need someone like you to listen...*just kidding*



seriously_frivolous said...

check out what makes me weird :) responded to your tag

Neers said...

thankooo! :)

Neers said...

fleeting feelings!! wish i could pin that One down... ! :)

Prash said...

oh boy...these tags ! I am not a great fan of these tags. thanks for not tagging me.

divya said...

i have to do that tag someday ..and trust me my issue is not finding what is weird but limiting it to things..

passerby55 said...

Hi there neers!

its a pleasure to see your hellos and smiles here ...

were you the one who had covered the face or the one who was whispering in her ears.

lol...trying to decipher the anonimity

Hi Prash,

I do know that you don't like tags, so was a little apprehensive whether to tag you or not.

but trust me if i knew you were back, i would have first taken your permission and tagged you for this one*list of six weird things about oneself*..

how about doing it now? Not as a tag. Six weird things about yourself, may be you enjoy doing it as an experiment to explore oneself.....*smile*

thankyou for visiting here.

Hi Divya.
welcome dear, shall visit you soon.


amu (amrita) said...

ah a clever handling of the tag (*all in good sense) you categorise weirdness into "good" weirdness like yours and "bad" weirdness. hmmmmmm something to think bout[all in good sense :)]