Monday, September 04, 2006

More than a Sister ...

I trust,we remain learners all our life. At the same time we also get an opportunity to teach another. We teach our children, our brothers and sisters, many give tuitions to the neighbours.
Some want to earn pocket money and some want to remain in touch with knowledge and books. Each of us definitely gain respect for teaching.

I am a teacher to my son though my very first student was a naughty girl, two years younger to me. She had no interest in her books. She was in love with everything around her, except her books.. School was only fun for her. Books and homework were only meant to be carried in school bags. Schoolbooks were not to be read and home-work was never to be done.

Her class was on the first floor, while mine on the second . The staffroom was beside her classroom. I was often send by my class teacher to collect the corrected class books from the staff room. There, outside the class I would spot my first student. She would either be standing or kneeling down outside the classroom. .

She must have not done her history homework, I would guess.. She would smile at me. What a shameless girl! I felt ashamed, angry and guilty all at the same time. Homework is ones own responsibility . Why does she neglect it? I will complain to mom . I knew Mom would say, oh! she is beyond repair, forget her.

One day, my class teacher who was her science teacher said to me, " why don’t you teach her” . I said, "mam, she won’t listen to me".
"She will dear, you can become her teacher, then you will never be ashamed of her". Personal responsibility and respect for my class teacher laid the foundation of my teaching the most adamant student under the sky.

After my studies, I would take her school bag and find out what she had to study. Help her and make her do her homework. She was weak, but she was sweet. I hated her for not taking studies seriously , but I knew I will always love her all my life.

She was neither intelligent nor did she want to work hard, but she was always promoted. My parents thought I would make a good teacher. But destiny had something else in store.
Today, my sister is a teacher in one of the best schools, in India. She teaches English. She is loved and a respected teacher. She is doing well in this profession for more than ten years now. I think this is the gurudakshina I get for teaching her, and somewhere my class teacher will be proud. I obeyed her and respected her faith.

Happy teachers day to all the teachers and this one teacher who is my sister, a naughty student and a good teacher, "Thankyou".. You taught me what is learning, while you teach.


Sreejith Kumar said...

Pretty good post! Congratulations on presenting it here....

Srijith Unni said...

That was so nice passerby55, All teachers of today are people who were once students themselves, and ironically most of them were very naughty as students, as what i`ve found out.
You taught your sister and she went on to become a good teacher due to your persistence That was your own great contribution to the teaching community, I must say.
With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

starry nights said...

Its amazing what a good teacher can do to change someones life. You took charge of her and taught her well , never giving taught her well. happy teachers day to your sister and you.

PRADEEP K. said...

Lovely post!

A bad teacher complains.
A good teacher teaches.
An excellent teacher INSPIRES!

There had been one person in my life who inspired me to learn and, thereby, set me rolling on the path of continuous improvement.

He never personally taught me a word; and yet, he inspired me to learn all that I know today. Even as he breathed his last breath, he did not know that he had made a wonderful difference in my life.

If I ever bow my head to any human being with great respect, it is he. May his spirit continue to inspire many more lives.


Ram said...

Nice one there. Cheers!

Vidhya Rajesh said...

This is such a sweet little post. I am sure your sister must think the world of you!

RandomThoughts said...

God! did your sister read this post? I'm sure it will be very special for her!



Hip Grandma said...

your experience with your sister is similar to mine.I guessed it even before I reached the end of your post.She later became a very good student but didn't take up a career.She taught her own daughter and is happy with her outcome.A nice post.

Neers said...

:) same here... mine is 5 years younger to me and an absolute brat! :) has grwon up to be quite a girl!

Neers said...

Thank You, Dear! you always are so encouraging... its always a learning experience to read your posts and comments... do let me know, what your Stone looks like :)

mona said...

hey its so sweet yaar..
i really liked it..such an amazing post..
belated happy teachers day to ur sister..

mizfit said...

reminded me of the post i once wrote abt my sis. i used to b miserable abt my 94-plus percentage and my sis used to skip hope with a 27th rank scribbled on her report card. there were only 30 kids in her class.

later ofcourse, she became the one known as studious and hard-working...and i slipped a few knotches *smirk*

mizfit said...

i meant to say. "skip home" not "skip hope"


hillgrandmom said...

Lovely post. What a great relationship.

Usha said...

Hey wow!
YOu must have been some inspiration - what a sweet didi to have!
very sweet post.

passerby55 said...


thankyou for those wonderful comments....
you both have the same names but spell it differently......have read a few post which tells me Sri is Gandhian and SREE an admirer of Subhash chandra bose..
btw. both the leaders are pride of INdia.... and you both very good writers.pride of the blogworld.

Thankyou Lalitha,
that was a slight/little introduction to my sister here, who i love very much.

HI Pradeep,
How are you doing? Thankyou for that wonderful quote and your comment. i can understand what that person must have/does mean to you.....YOU are lucky to have found him and he is lucky to find a student like you.

Double cheers to you RAm.

passerby55 said...

A warm welcome to you Vidya, thankyou for your words.
Hi Rashmi,
Thankyou dear,

i dont know if she has read it, but we both thankyou for reading it.

you saying its nice, then indeed it is a nice one..thankyou

HI Neers, Sisters are a great company. to have one is a blessing .

100%true the younger ones are real brats. NEers, you are always welcome, you write wonderful. I love reading the stuff.

passerby55 said...

A warm welcome MOna, thankyou for those sweet words.

I do remember that post you wrote about fashionsis...

But mIzfit i feel she is better than (JUSt kidding)

i know she is very lucky. after all a sister who is editor and also working ...not bad
*winks @ fashionsis*

cheers mizfit!


thankyou Hillgrandmom. relationship between two sisters indeed is!


Thankyou USHA,
you summed it well...
DIDI....liked that. thankyou.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Re: Passerby55

Wow! Thaks for those kind words....