Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Pass ...

So I pass ...

I am content to pass. Perhaps I’ll be able to pass this way again. May-be I”ll build another space here. Who knows?

My time here was well spent. I leave as a better human ( I think) than I came in. I came here unprepared. It was with your kind words that I was able to create a space for myself here.

Much more bigger than that is the space, I enjoy, today, in your hearts.

I wish, I could, stay here a little longer. Gather some more precious moments to retrieve them as mine. I humbly thank those who gave me support and who helped me build my very small space here.

Thank you for the admiration and love - by one and all. Adieu.

Ever yours Passerby


Srijith Unni said...

I dont get it..! Why? passerby.? I was so happy to see a post from you but never thought it would be the last *sigh*

Anyway I guess you must be having your reasons.. At some time later if you create a new space, do let this old friend know..!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Shari said...

I am sorry to see you go, too. Well, good luck. Take care. I kept checking from time to time to see if you would post anything new.

God Bless.

Usha said...

oh that is sad.but I understand. Please drop by when you have some time and share your thoughts.And take care of yourself.You will be missed.

Sara said...

I was just passing by, checking in as I do once in a while. You have enriched lives with your blog I am sure you will continue to do so, however that might be. With love and good wishes.

Mahadevan said...

Some of your posts can be cherished for ages. Wherever you are, we would admiringly look at the space you have created for yourself.

Your Best is yet to be.

Ajay said...

Dear Passerby,
I beg to differ. You simply don't pass by. You know what? Your leaving now and coming back will be like another conversation stopped just yesterday and begun today.


Neers said...

take good care!

Neers said...

and what are you upto these days? thank you so much for dropping by, it was great to see a known name... have bee under the blanket for long

Keshi said...

noooooooooooo :*( where r ya going?


Keshi said...

so r ya bak then? cos u said u got closer to me today :) HUGZ ty for stopping by to say Hi! Means alot to me...means Im still in ur heart.

TC luv!

Keshi said...

MWAH! I was thinking of u today. And Im bak in blogs :)


AJ ! Serendipity !!! said...

Knock, Knock, How is the diva doing ?

Long time, thought I should stop by and say a hello . Tc :)


Cecilia said...

hey u cant go..come back!